How Long Since Your Team Won A Trophy?

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  • Leagues

    Premier League

    The top league in england was altered in in 1992 and changed from 'League 1', to the Premier League, which is is still known as today. The Premier League is contested by 20 clubs & each year, 3 clubs are relegated to the Championship, the second tier in English football. Manchester United have won the Premier League more times than any other team, with 13 titles. Following them is Chelsea (5), Manchester City (4), Arsenal (3) and Blackburn Rovers & Leicester City with one title each. The current Champions from 2018/19 are Manchester City, but it looks as if Liverpool will win the 2019/20 title in record time.

    Rank Name Apps
    1 Gareth Barry 653
    2 Ryan Giggs 632
    3 Frank Lampard 609
    4 David James 572
    5 Gary Speed 535

    Rank Name Goals
    1 Alan Shearer 260
    2 Wayne Rooney 208
    3 Andy Cole 187
    4 Sergio Agüero 180
    5 Frank Lampard 177

    La Liga

    La Liga is the top football league in Spain and was founded in 1929. Since its inception, 62 different teams have taken part & 9 different teams have won the title. The record holders are Real Madrid with 33 wins, followed by Barcelona (26), Athletico Madrid (10), Athletic Bilbao (8), Valencia (6), Real Sociadad (2) and Deportivo La Coruña, Sevilla & Real Betis with one each. Much like the premier League, the bottom 3 teams are relegated each year and replaced by 3 teams from the league below. With average attendences of 27,000 per game, La Liga is the 3rd most popular football league in the world, beaten only by the Premier League and the Bundesliga.

    Rank Name Apps
    1 Andoni Zubizarreta 622
    2 Raúk 550
    3 Eusebio Sacristán 543
    4 Francisco Buyo 542
    5 Joaquin 540

    Rank Name Apps
    1 Lionel Messi 433
    2 Cristiano Ronaldo 311
    3 Telmo Zarra 251
    4 Hugo Sánchez 234
    5 Raúl 228

    Serie A

    Serie A is the top professional football league in Italy & was founded in 1898. The league is comprised of 20 teams, of which the bottom 3 are related each season and replaced by 3 teams from the league below. The Italian league league has produced a lot of world cup winners, with Juventus producing 25, more than any other club in the world. Sixteen Different teams have won Serie A and Juventus, with 35 championships, being far ahead of joint second placed AC Milan & Inter Milan with 18 wins. The biggest scandal in Serie A history was the match fixing scandal anounced in 2006, in which AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio, Reggina and Juventus were all implicated. The first 4 clubs had points deducted but Juventus had the biggest punishment with their 2004-05 & 2005-6 titles being taken away, the were relagted to Serie B and started life in Serie B with a 9 point deduction. The 04-05 title was not given to anybody else, but Inter Milan were retrospectively awarded the 2005-06 title. Six years after their relegation, Juventus again won the title, and have now won 8 consecutive titles since then.

    Rank Name Apps
    1 Paolo Maldini 647
    1 Gianluigi Buffon 647
    3 Francesco Totti 619
    4 Javier Zanetti 615
    5 Gianluca Pagliuca 592

    Rank Name Goals
    1 Silvio Piola 274
    2 Francesco Totti 250
    3 Gunnar Nordahl 225
    4 Giuseppe Meazza 216
    4 José Altafini 216


    The Bundesliga is the top professional football league in Genmany, it has the highest average attendance of any football league in the world and out of all sports, is second only to the NFL. The Bundesliga was founded in 1963 and in its current format, it is comprised of 18 teams and at the end of the season, the bottom two teams are relegated & replaced by two teams from the league below. Only 6 teams have won the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich (28) far ahead of the other five. Next on the list is Borussia Dortmund & Borussia Mönchengladbach with 5 each, Werder Bremen (4), FC Köln (2) and VfL Wolfsburg (1).

    Rank Name Apps
    1 Karl-Heinz Körbel 602
    2 Manfred Kaltz 581
    3 Oliver Kahn 557
    4 Klaus Fichtel 552
    5 Miroslav Votava 546

    Rank Name Goals
    1 Gerd Müller 365
    2 Klaus Fischer 268
    3 Robert Lewandowski 223
    4 Jupp Heynckes 220
    5 Manfred Burgsmüller 213

    Ligue 1

    Ligue 1 is the top professional football division in france & was founded in 1930. In its current format, it is comprised of 20 teams with the bottom two teams being automatically relegated & then 3rd from bottom has a two legged tie against 3rd in the second division, with the winning team being in ligue 1 the following season. 12 teams have won the league since its inauguration, with Saint-Étienne winning it the most with 10 titles, followed by Marseille (9)and then Monaco, Nantes and PSG, the current holders, with 8 titles each. As AS Monaco, who are are obviously from Monaco, play in ligue 1, this makes it a cross border league.

    Rank Name Apps
    1 Mickaël Landreau 618
    2 Jean-Luc Ettori 602
    3 Dominique Dropsy 596
    4 Dominique Baratelli 593
    5 Alain Giresse 586

    Rank Name Goals
    1 Delio Onnis 299
    2 Bernard Lacombe 255
    3 Hervé Revelli 216
    4 Roger Courtois 210
    5 Thadée Cisowski 206


    The Eredivisie is the highest football league in The Netherlands and it was founded in 1956. Since its foundation only 6 teams have won the Eredivisie, with Ajax having won more titles than any other team with 26, following them is PSV (21), Feyenood (10), AZ Alkmaar (2) and Sparta Rotterdam and FC Twente with one title each. The league is made up of 18 teams of which at the end of the season, the bottom team is automatically relegated. The 16th and 17th placed team then go into seperate play off groups with teams from the league below, the winner of each group then wins a place in the Eredivisie the following season.

    Rank Name Apps
    1 Sander Boschker 561
    2 Hans Vonk 412
    3 Mark Luijpers 408
    4 Ger Sanden 407
    5 Peter Wisgerhof 403

    Rank Name Goals
    1 Dirk Kuyt 153
    2 John Bosman 148
    3 Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink 134
    4 Matthew Amoah 117
    5 Kenneth Pérez 105

    Scottish Premiership

    The Scottish Premiership was established in 2013 and is currently comprised of 12 teams & has a much different format to other leagues in Europe. The season is divided in two phases & during the first phase, clubs will play each other 3 times for a total of 33 matches. After this, the league is split in half and teams will play one more game against each team in its half of the split. The bottom team at the end of the season is automatically relegated & the 11th placed team enters a playoff with the 2nd placed team for the 2nd tier, the winner of this playoff then plays in the Scottish Premiership the next season. Since its formation in 2013, Celtic are the only team to have won the league. The multitude of changes to this league over time make it very hard to find statistics, so no appearance / goal statistics have been included for this reason.